Tag: economics

  • A Critique Of Three Candidates—Buttigieg, Yang And Warren

    Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang and Elizabeth Warren—three Democratic candidates for president that we can tolerate listening to. In this episode, Remington discusses each of these three candidates' economic policies and assumptions. He concludes that, while all of them are well-intentioned, their proposals reveal a vision for America that is anti-growth.

  • Crony Capitalism—Why It’s Not Actually Capitalism At All

    People often claim that capitalism is broken because of the cronyism that's infected our politico-economic system. In this episode, we argue that this state of affairs is a corruption of capitalism and the free market system. We contend that, while cronyism is not a partisan issue, conservatives in particular need to reject crony capitalism and re-embrace a truly free free market.

  • Inequality—A Real Problem In Need of Real Solutions

    There's a growing consensus on the right that inequality is a very real problem. Even 45% of Republicans in a recent Hill-Harris poll said they would support Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's proposal for a 70% income tax on those making over $10 million. In this episode, we ask whether or not inequality is a real problem and, if it is, what should be done about it.