Religion and Society Part 1—The Inescapable Power Of Belief In Politics

Many people, particularly those on the Left, decry the influence of religion in the political and economic spheres. They criticize individuals who allow their vote to be swayed by their faith and companies who base their business practices on their faith. The truth, however, is that everyone has beliefs that influence their political and commercial decisions—and even if those beliefs aren’t sanctioned by an organized religion, they’re just as valid (or invalid) as those that are.

In this episode, we explore the ubiquity and power of belief, peeling back the biases and presuppositions that prevent most people from recognizing that most of what they know they believe. Religious beliefs are one type of faith, but there are many others. Constructive political dialogue and respectful business practices, we conclude, cannot take place until we recognize that all of us believe in something and we all allow those beliefs to influence how we act in the world. Once we acknowledge and reflect on our own beliefs, we may be better equipped to engage with those of others.

Episode Notes, Sources and Corrections

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