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  • Co-host Conversations—An Interview With Remington

    We're taking a couple of episodes to explore the motivations of our co-hosts. Why did we start this podcast? What do we believe about business and politics? In this episode, Keith dives into Remington's background to give listeners more context behind our co-hosts. scheduled programming.

  • A Critique Of Three Candidates—Buttigieg, Yang And Warren

    Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang and Elizabeth Warren—three Democratic candidates for president that we can tolerate listening to. In this episode, Remington discusses each of these three candidates' economic policies and assumptions. He concludes that, while all of them are well-intentioned, their proposals reveal a vision for America that is anti-growth.

  • Crony Capitalism—Why It’s Not Actually Capitalism At All

    People often claim that capitalism is broken because of the cronyism that's infected our politico-economic system. In this episode, we argue that this state of affairs is a corruption of capitalism and the free market system. We contend that, while cronyism is not a partisan issue, conservatives in particular need to reject crony capitalism and re-embrace a truly free free market.

  • Conservatives and Creativity—Conservatives and Change Part III

    In this episode, the last of our series on conservatives and change, we argue that business leaders, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs must embrace a culture of creativity and change to drive free market growth. Similarly, if conservatives want to preserve their cultural values, they'll have to abandon their aversions to change. Change is inevitable. It's natural, and standing against it all but guarantees your values will be consumed by it.

  • Creative Destruction—Conservatives and Change Part II

    In this episode, Keith and Remington talk about the need for conservatives to once again champion Creative Destruction—the engine of change and progress in a free market economy. Today, both conservatives and liberals stand in the way of Creative Destruction. As a party that's traditionally championed capitalism, conservatives must re-embrace Creative Destruction and enact policies that support, not hinder it.

  • Conservatives and Change—Why Are We Often Against It?

    In this episode, we embark on an open, entirely unscripted conversation on why conservatives often resist change, what the term "conservative" means, what values do conservatives share that define them and make them more fearful of change, and whether conservatives should resist or embrace change.

  • Occupational Licensing—The Hidden Drag on Our Economy

    Occupational licensing is an often-overlooked drag on our economy. These restrictions serve as a barrier to entry for entrepreneurs and laborers that we've simply come to accept. Nevertheless, licensing requirements cost our economy over $200 billion annually.

  • Millennials in Politics—Change The World, Don’t Work in Politics

    Many Millennials—and like the Gen Zers that come after them—are drawn to careers that allow them to have a positive impact on others and society at large. Yet, the 140-character world of non-substantive, platitudinous media that Millennials are accustom to may be creating a generation of thoughtless leaders—on both sides of the aisle.

  • Inequality—A Real Problem In Need of Real Solutions

    There's a growing consensus on the right that inequality is a very real problem. Even 45% of Republicans in a recent Hill-Harris poll said they would support Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's proposal for a 70% income tax on those making over $10 million. In this episode, we ask whether or not inequality is a real problem and, if it is, what should be done about it.