Millennials in Politics—Change The World, Don’t Work in Politics

Many Millennials—like the Gen Zers that come after them—are drawn to careers that allow them to have a positive impact on others and society at large. Yet, the 140-character world of non-substantive, platitudinous media that Millennials are native to may be creating a generation of thoughtless leaders—on both sides of the aisle.

In this episode, Remington and Keith talk about millennials (and by extension Generation Z) in politics. They discuss current millennial congressmen and congresswomen, millennial staffers, and how millennials are using social media to communicate.

Finally, they debate whether or not a career in government or civil service is the best way to serve society, or if a life of adding value through entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship more effective.

Episode Notes, Sources and Corrections

Remington initially cites a financial literacy study conducted by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation). He later says the study is conducted by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). The study to which he is referring is indeed conducted by FINRA.

Remington cites a Pew survey that indicated 65% of Millennials disapprove of President Trump. That survey can be found here.

See evidence that Millennials are starting to move to the suburbs and buy cars, as Remington claims.

Remington and Keith briefly discuss sugar policy reform. You can learn more about the issue from the admittedly biased Alliance for Fair Sugar Policy.