About The Show

Right on Business is a new podcast discussing issues at the intersection of business, entrepreneurship, and conservative and libertarian politics. The show is hosted by Keith Strahan and Remington Tonar, who combine their expertise in business, politics, economics, and law—as well as their differing versions of conservatism—to debate how conservatives can once again become champions of business and innovation to improve our economy and our society.

Each 30 to 40-minute episode will address timely and timeless topics that have both business and political implications. The show is unapologetically rightist and will gleefully abandon political correctness on occasion.

Although both Keith and Remington identify as conservatives, they espouse different interpretations of what that term means and how its values are applied. Keith is a libertarian-leaning lawyer and seasoned grass roots organizer who grew up in rural East Texas. Remington is a moderate Republican business consultant who identifies as a New Yorker. There’s bound to be some disagreement—and that’s healthy.

Finally, yes, this is a “talking heads” show. Get over it.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are not in any way indicative of, or endorsed by, Strahan Cain PLLC, Brandsinger LLC, or any other company or organization that may be otherwise affiliated with the hosts of Right on Business.