A Critique Of Three Candidates—Buttigieg, Yang And Warren

Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang and Elizabeth Warren—three Democratic candidates for president that we can tolerate listening to. Each has accomplished much in their careers, and each has demonstrated reasonableness and intelligence. We nonetheless disagree with many of their positions, particularly their vision for the American economy.

In this episode, Remington rides solo, and discusses each of these three candidates’ economic policies and assumptions. He concludes that, while all of them are well-intentioned, their proposals reveal a vision for America that is anti-growth. Yet, it’s economic growth we believe that will unlock upward mobility for all, not the creation of safety nets that will provide for people in the short-term but do nothing to help them thrive in the long-term.

Episode 008: A Critique of Three Candidates

Episode Notes, Sources and Corrections

Mayor Pete is 37. His interview with Seth Meyer can be found here. His interview in Esquire can be found here.

Andrew Yang’s SXSW “interview” can be found here.

Elizabeth Warren’s Mad Money interview can be found here.

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